Maribel Ruiz Figueras
MARIBEL RUIZ FIGUERAS (Barcelona, 1946) is a multifaceted artist, painter and sculptor. In her artistic series of abstract expressionism she uses color and matter with a great sense of balance and a mastery of the techniques of color interaction. This self-taught artist has never stopped researching and discovering new textures to give life to different materials. Since she was a child, she was interested in art and drawing, beginning to work in small format, until she was gradually introduced new dimensions to her watercolors and acrylics. In her works, the artist represents the flow of raw emotion through a resolute stroke, absolutely devoid of decision and security. The year 1995 was a turning point in her career, the moment that she began to rescue everyday objects, which over time had eroded and gave them new life raising them to the category of Art. This is how her famous ‘Chairs’ series began, finding, by chance, two old chairs abandoned on the street next to her house, which, after much soul searching, she decided to recover to provide them soul through color. Maribel Ruiz Figueras has participated in numerous exhibitions, both collective and individual, in Europe and the United States. Her work is part of several private collections, such as the Axarquia House Museum, the collection of the Duquesa de Alba, Lucciano Pavarotti Collection, among others.