Press Release

New Rochelle, NY

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. – The Mahlstedt
Gallery, a leading brick and mortar and online fine art gallery in suburban
Westchester County, New York, has entered into a collaboration with the famous
Swiss art gallery Galerie Alexander E. Räber in Zurich, one that allows the
Mahlstedt Gallery to represent a rare and extensive collection of
limited-edition, bronze sculptures that are numbered by the renowned Spanish
surrealist Salvador Dalí (1904-1989). The Mahlstedt Gallery will fill orders
for the sculptures from buyers across all of North America.

“It is our privilege to provide Dalí’s
works to collectors, interior designers and art enthusiasts throughout North
America,” said Oshi Rabin, founder and owner of the Mahlstedt Gallery and
herself an artist. “Buyers can be certain that each work is one of a limited
number create
d by one of history’s
preeminent artists.  These sculptures are
limited editions; just 350 of each exist.”

for infromation & questions please contact us