Nathan Spotts
Nathan Spotts is an adventurous image-maker who creates fresh and unique artworks combining elements of photography, 3D design, and illustration. Throughout his life, art has been all around him. His initial inspiration came from his parents and current inspiration comes from everything he experiences, particularly beautiful places, wonderful people, and the dreams of humanity. He finds himself trying to tackle big ideas in small ways. Sometimes that doesn’t always work out, but with art, often times we can say a lot with just a little. Successful imagery, to Spotts, is about storytelling. Either about a person, a place, a time, or an idea. What is it about this person that tells us who they are? What is it about this place that evokes our sense of awe? What is it about this idea that galvanizes people to it? These are the questions that he asks himself when he creates his images. What is real? This question has been asked since humans could think critically, and more so contemporary with the advances in science and technology. We can now create worlds in computers, and take pictures of them with virtual reality cameras. Often times these images are mistaken for “true-life” photographs. Quantum mechanics teaches us that our “reality” is simply based on our limited linear perception, and that there is much more (or less depending on how you interpret the math) to the universe than meets the eye. What lies beyond our perception? Herein lies his mission: pursue the beauty in the universe: be it on Earth, in his mind, or in ethers that exist only in hypothesis, and translate this into a medium of visual impact: to constantly strive to seek further glamorous and brutal truth.